Vivo Energy Botswana

Vivo Energy Botswana

2nd Floor Tholo House, Plot 50369, Fairgrounds Gaborone, PO Box 334, Gaborone
Tel: +267 398 5007

Business overview
Vivo Energy Botswana Ltd took over Shell’s downstream business in Botswana on 1st August 2013 and continues in operation marketing Shell products. Shell established itself in Botswana 87 years ago in 1928 and had actively conducted business responsibly and contributed to national development.  

Apart from its commercial activities, Vivo Energy Botswana recognizes its Social Responsibility within Botswana and as such acts as leader in promoting regulatory standards, basic education, HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, road safety, and Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) standards across industry in Botswana.

Vivo Energy Botswana is a market leader in terms of Hydrocarbon supply to the retail sector with more than 80 sites spread across the country. Vivo Energy Botswana has been able to achieve this position and maintain its market share through a collaborative and partnership approach with its retail customers.

Where we operate
In order to service its business in Botswana, Vivo Energy makes use of other Shell supply avenues, afforded through Shell’s extensive, worldwide Supply network. Vivo Energy Botswana operates principally from its Head Office in Gaborone where the mining team is based.