Imperial Car Rental


Private Bag Sk 10, Gaborone
Tel: +267 390 7233
Fax: +267 390 2366
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Imperial Car Rental was started in 1979 with a fleet of nine cars in a small office in downtown Johannesburg. Its philosophy has always been to operate with an entrepreneurial spirit, thinking big, but with the attitude and commitment of a small business. Personal service and attention to detail have been the foundation of the company, with a focus on delivering ‘impressive’ customer service. Imperial Car Rental attributes its success to raising the service level bar, which is the key differentiator in a fiercely competitive industry.

With its 24-hour service and willingness to go to any lengths for its customers, the company has revitalised and re-energised its 1979 slogan, ‘Yours Personally’. Imperial Car Rental has become a household name and remains one of the strongest brands in the South African car rental industry.