Aquarian Tide Hotel

Aquarian Tide


PO Box 53787, Broadhurst, Gaborone
Tel: (+267) 318 7480 
Fax: (+267) 318 7489 
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Aquarian Tide Hotel is committed to excellence in both aesthetics and functionality, with top class service and experienced, discreet and impeccably professional staff. The hotel offers 110 standard, Queen, twin and inter-connecting rooms. There is also a friendly restaurant offering excellent food. Located at the rear of the hotel is a swimming pool nestled within the immaculate gardens, where guests can find the pool bar. The garden is close to the lobby where the hotel serves a variety of cuisines. Additionally, there is a 50 pax conference room with two breakaway rooms, each seating 15. Aquarian Tide Hotel also has complimentary shuttle services and WiFi available 24/7.