Kalahari Conservation Society

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P.O Box 859
Tel: +267 3974557
Fax: +267 3914259
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The Kalahari Conservation Society is Botswana’s oldest environmental non-governmental organisation and the only nationwide organisation dedicated to the general conservation of Botswana’s natural resources.

KCS’ vision is to be an organisation of outstanding repute, priding itself in partnerships and commitments that result in sustainable biodiversity conservation in Botswana. Its Mission is to drive conservation programmes that promote integrated management of biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources in Botswana. KCS major objectives are:

  • To conserve Botswana’s biodiversity resources and habitats
  • To leverage the economic value of wildlife and natural resources for the prosperity of all, especially local people who reside in wildlife-rich localities; and
  • To inspire a generation of environmentally conscious citizens who strive for a healthy balance between human wellbeing (of present and future generations) and healthy ecosystems.

KCS is a membership-based organization, funded by annual member subscription as well as by domestic, regional and international grant support and donations.